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Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Plus temperature snowmaking by the SnowGen system from Finnish SnowTek

The SnowGen all-weather mobile artificial snow machines are made by the Finnish company SnowTek. The  SnowTekensures the snowmaking of the ski jumping and Nordic combined competition venue of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, 2014. The SnowGen-system has already been producing snow in Sochi in up to more than + 20°C outdoor temperature.

SnowTek ensures that in the demanding conditions of Sochi there will be enough snow. The venue of the ski jumping and the Nordic combined is locating at lower elevations where the snow situation varies greatly each year.


The snow produced by the SnowGen-system has been tested. The snow is solid and firm and it lasts very well in the heat and in the Sun. The snow has been produced successfully, even though the temperature has been up to more than + 30° C in the Sun. In the ski test, the snow was good for skiing when the temperature was in the shadow of + 15 to + 20°C and in the sun up to more than + 30 ° C. The night-time temperature falling to about + 6 to + 8 degrees. This was stated also by Mikko Martikainen from Snow Secure Oy, who has made "Sochi 2014 Snow" – the snow backup plan for the Sochi Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.


The SnowGen system includes advanced technology, comprising three individual units, which includes a trailer and a snow separator. Refrigeration is unique and no harmful chemicals are used in the snowmaking process. The system has a capacity of approximately 200 m3/24/unit, or a total of 600 m 3/24h; it is possible to also get smaller capacity systems.


SnowGen is a mobile system, which is capable of large snowmaking capacity. The units are transportable by two trucks and the erection and start-up of the whole entirety is accomplished in one day. 


In the hardware development work Canadian IceGen Inc, producer of ice slurry generators, was involved.


For More Information contact:


Hannu Pesonen


gsm: + 358 400 571901



SnowTek specializes in management systems of all-weather snowmaking and indoor winter conditions - such as winter adventure areas, indoor skiing halls and ice rinks. Our services include concept design, equipment - refrigeration, air conditioning, track cooling, indoor snowmaking - and installation. SnowTek has over 30 years experience in the industry.

See SnowGen pictures and video from Sochi

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