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Indoor snow concepts

Snowtek is offering indoor snow concept planning for successful indoor snow experience.


Snow is very delicate substance. The quality and purity of snow is the key factor when creating premium indoor snow and winter interior and experience. Different kind of snow is needed regarding the needs for activities and customer target groups. The light snow soaring down from the sky is very different compared to snow suitable for building up a snowmen or having a snow fight. Snow will wear down in activity use and need to be replaced regularly and constantly.


A Snow production system needs to be carefully chosen for interior and activities chosen. The system needs to be chosen in early phase of project design process to make sure that system requirements as system placement, support technology and snow maintenance facilities are included and fitted in building layout and budget.


Carefully designed snow system or combination of systems is giving the visitors the very thing they came for – fresh and pure snow experience to enjoy.

Indoor snow activity planning


Snow is a delightful experiment to see and feel, but specially to do! High priority in design is needed to create balanced outcome between activities, interior design and investments. Snow activities designed to different interests and age groups to ensure fun and enjoyment for each and every visitor. Selection of activities needs to be chosen for fun, sport and wellness ass well to different age and target groups. All activities need to reach high standards regarding safety, usability and maintenance.


Activity planning is connected to snow area maintenance plan and development road map to bring new activities with minimal possible disturbance and down time for operation of snow area. This way indoor snow experience will be fresh and new offering visitors something new every time.

Snow and ice interior planning


Creating a superior snow interior is very different from other interior realization cases. Snow and ice can be used to create realistic structures, still Lights and sounds will support the use of real snow and ice to complete whole winter experience.


Interior design need to support different story and theme presentations for different visitor target groups. The development and introduction of new themes and stories are able to be carried out fast and robust, when the interior system design is supporting the idea flexibility and parameter configurations. This means, for example, the lights inside the snow area are not just for lighting, but important part of scene and visual technology. This idea need to be considered and designed.

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