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SnowTek is the leading supplier of turn-to-key integrated indoor winter climate control systems. The integrated system includes air ventilation, air cooling, track cooling, refrigeration and indoor snow system.  The system is prefabricated, so the installation time is short and flexibly follows the schedule of the other engineering works. With all-inclusive system the customer gets also one system without any overlapping subsystems and we, as the only supplier, guarantee that all systems work together in harmony.


SnowTek system is tested in action and proven to be effective and reliable. These systems have been running for Years and given us good practical information about the special features needed in indoor winter facilities.



Condensing unit is built either in our ready-to-run transportable machine room or on a rack, which would be installed tothe customer's premises. The machine room is weather proof and the outlook can be designed by the customer's wishes.


The refrigerating technology is simple and reliable. The real multi-circuit system offers high reliability and also flexibility in control and in maintenance. The components can be found practically all over the world and therefor the system can be maintenanced by local professionals.





Specially for indoor winter environment desigend and built air handling units are able to operate in the environment, which is not standard and has special needs.


High effective heat recovery, or should we say "cold recovery", system saves energy during the running hours. Also state of art control system takes care of peak and low hours saving energy.


SnowTek air distribution system makes possible to have a draftless environment , which is pleasant to the visitors. It also gurantees fresh air all over the room.


Track cooling is an essential part of the indoor winter room with snow layer. To guarantee the good snow conditions it must work together with air ventilation and cooling system.



SnowTek offers several kind of indoor snow systems, each of them does not cause extra heat or humidity load to the air conditining system, which will be case if used conventional snow gun systems. Also the air temperature in the room can be kept on optimum level in energy-wise.

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